About Me

Thank you for looking at Darling Door Ducky! Here is some information about me,  Robin, and my crazy life!

I do a ton of laundry, I live in Central Florida where it is hot, muggy, and we are even known to have hurricanes add to our daily excitement.

I love to spend time with my family! My kiddos and I have been known  to spend time at those magical theme parks.

load washer door prop AryaAdditionally, I have been told I enjoy flea markets, shopping, talking about pets and pet adoption, and my friends more than the average  person. I also enjoy painting and doing crafts quite a bit, which then leads me to do more laundry after clean up! Speaking of extra laundry, we have just been chosen by a spunky, spirited, smart and absolutely adorable golden retriever! Her addition comes full circle to even more laundry being done in our home!

As  you can see my life is full, and all roads lead me back to endless loads of laundry!

I created Darling Door Ducky to keep my family from being exposed to less “black goo” via less mold and mildew and odors. I am hopeful you will find Darling Door Ducky helpful in meeting your laundry needs and help your washer stay open, clean, and fresh through the many loads of laundry to come!

Happy Healthy Washing!!


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