Darling Door Ducky

front load washer door propHello!

I am a front load washing machine door prop. I help prevent mold and mildew build up and lessen odors by allowing air to flow more freely through your washer when it is not in use for a load of laundry. I can attach easily and magnetically to your front loading washer’s interior metal door frame. When your machine is in use,  I can stand guard sitting attached to the top of your washer awaiting my next round of service. I am not only cute, but I am durable, and will keep your family and washer looked after for years to come. 

Here’s why I was created!

Like many of you, my mom does laundry almost every day. She kept her very nice front loading washer clean via scrubbing with various solutions and bleach. She also tried to keep all visual rubberized door and gasket areas clean. She also tried to keep the door ajar between loads. More often than not, a human or fur angel would accidentally close the washer door or forget to re-open it after closing when walking through our laundry room to get to another room.

One day recently she called a technician because our washer failed to work. During the diagnostics of the washer, it was taken apart. She got to see the inner workings and the backsides of the rubberized areas of the washer. It absolutely floored her to see how much mold, mildew, and terrible odor built up on the parts she could not reach to clean! Our family’s laundry was literally being run through stinky, dirty “black goo” on a daily basis.

front load washer door propDespite her best efforts cleaning the parts she could see, she had no clue how dirty and potentially germy it actually was and what she was exposing our family to. Looking to prevent this, she found out that virtually every front load washer’s operating manual tells you in teeny tiny print that “it is optimal for the door to remain open between loads when not in use”. In practicality, most people do not routinely keep their washer door open. Whether from small laundry room configurations, door placement near other appliances, or human / fur angel interference – the door is often closed between laundry loads. This allows for the potential of mold, mildew, and smells to accumulate at a greater level.

With the purchase of another nice expensive front loading washer due to our last washer’s untimely death, she was determined to keep her brand new washer as clean as possible and our humans as healthy, odor and germ-free as she could by keeping the door open or ajar to alleviate or lessen any more “black goo”.

To solve the problem she had, to allow everyday laundry room usage with human and fur angel traffic while at the same time keeping the door of my washer open, she created me – The Darling Door Ducky

clean front load washer moldI keep the washer door ajar, propping it open to allow air to move more freely through the washer when not in use. I store on top of the machine when a load is washing, then pop back inside the washer door to keep it open between loads. Family and pets can use the laundry room at all times and, with me, the door remains  open – helping keep the washer cleaner, fresher, less smelly and gives my mom peace-of-mind!

You can vary my placement based on your own washer’s configuration and the safest location for your family. As with any product, please keep me away from children, pets, or anyone who should not be exposed to a magnet.

I think you will like me as much as my mom does!

Happy Healthy Washing!

Your best front load washer door prop

Please read About Me page for more about my mom. 

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